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Deportes y entretenimiento

Fundas para convertir cartas Magic no jugables en tokens o en arte.

Tal y como se ven en la foto.Se puede reciclar una carta antigua como token, si la funda tapa lo que tiene que tapar, en este caso como no tenia habilidades no se ha tapado esa parte, pero podria e...

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Arte & Cultura

To have quality pictures on canvas you should find good group

Nowadays, photo to canvas is much talked and used option for amount of purposes counting on the amount of merits it has over the other choices . These give you enough reason to convert your oil p...

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Arte & Cultura

Planet Art

IlluminationThere is a man made structure that is visible from space... even at night.Can you guess what it is?...The Pyramids? ...The Great Wall of China?No....It is neither of these, but somethin...

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GREEN ART “ Driving Excellence On the Wings of Imagination “


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Ciencia & Tecnología

wikiCreate - A Creative and Collaborative Design Project based on user Feedback

There is always a moment during the creative process in which the final outcome is not as expected. The preconceived notions that we had for a project from the outset have either changed or need to...

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Belleza & Moda

Fiesta de difraces sin disfraz. El cuerpo pintado!

 En la fiesta solo se permite bañadores, biquinis ect. el resto del cuerpo va pintado segun nuestra imaginacion.EJEMPLO:

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Arte & Cultura

Construir sobre Visibility of Exhibit labels and legend when visiting Museums. Minimum Standard requirements are needed to be established and Globalized

The Artistic interest for big Exhibitions in temporary exhibits and permanent collections has drawn a massive market to the Museums in the past decades. This is fantastic because it has democratiz...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Charlas sobre Arte / Art Talks

Echo de menos una web similar a TED Talks pero sólamente dedicado al mundo del Arte, en el que puedan verse on-line o streaming las conferencias y charlas impartidas por autoridades en este campo. ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Take a tour into your favorite museum via web.... but in 3D technology!!

Good, That such would visit the Louvre Museum in France? or the Air Museum in Madrid, Spain? or how about the Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia? Sounds pretty exciting, relaxing and enriching. For s...

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Negocios y Consumo

Solution to music, video, and software piracy

BACKGROUND:Since the advent of digital media, it has become impossible to copy-protect digital media... meaning that no matter what you do, there is always a way for someone to reverse it & pirate ...

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Arte & Cultura

"Boiwala" for Bengali Language and Literature

IDEABangla is such a rich language with its diverse forms of literature, but unfortunately for us till now there hadn't been any online source to exhibit the magnificence of our language. Boiwala i...

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Arte & Cultura

Arte en el juego / Art in the game / L'art dans le jeu

Me refiero a considerar al jugador de videojuegos con más arte del mundo. Se trata de convocar a multitud de videojugadores preseleccionados en su país de origen por internet para demostrar que son...

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