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Politica y Sociedad


The need for baby care centres is on the rise with the rise of working parents.  Parents find difficulty in appointing private baby sitters as well as in chosing creches in their areas.  Sometime c...

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How to Save water (a necessity)

To save water in our bathroom we just have to have a liter bottle or 750 ml, filled with water and place it inside the reservoir tank of the toilet, so the water level is always optimal and the dis...

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Belleza & Moda

Good reasons to move towards Natural skincare products

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body, therefore it is imperative to care them with utmost care and concern. Unlike how we care approximately the food we consume on a daily basis, in the same w...

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Belleza & Moda


We offer latest in beauty therapy, aromatherapy, skin care, personal grooming, bridal makeup, hairstyle, hair care, hair design, hair streak and hair color techniques are offered at Eves Hair Salon...

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Vida & Salud

Welcome...to beautiful skin & hair MakeOver

As we evolved and brought a whole spectrum of professional hair and skin care services under one roof, we are now a one stop destination for grooming and personal care. User ID : Inet0669

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Vida & Salud

Visual Improvements in Personality!!!

Visual Improvements in Personality!!!Personal Care

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Casa & Mascotas

Baby monitor to sense baby's discomfort level

A baby monitor to sense the baby's discomfort level could be designed. This could be fitted to the baby's wrist or arm. The parents' or caregivers' contact number could be coded on the monitor. Onc...

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Negocios y Consumo

Guardería para niños especiales / Special Child Care / Écoles pour enfants spécials

Se trata de un centro para cuidar el tiempo que haga falta y atender a niños con cualquier tipo de problema para aliviar a los padres. La diferencia con cualquier otra guardería va a ser la hiperes...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Activador de atención / Care activities / Soins des activités /

Ya se está investigando en dispositivos, cada vez mejores, para avisar ante el sueño de un piloto en carretera y en su coche. Yo pienso en un software para el móvil que sirva para lo mismo y para c...

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Vida & Salud

LOVE YOUR SHOES /// Zapatos y sandalias


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Casa & Mascotas

Toothpaste for Pets /// Pasta de dientes para Mascotas

Pasta de dientes para Mascotas: Hemos jabón en polvo y aerosoles para mascotas, ¿por qué no una pasta de dientes de las mascotas? ENGLISH TRANSLATION Toothpaste for Pets: We have soap, powders and ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

How to stop usb viruses from infecting ur PC

Its been a frequent occurence that one gets a usb drive infected with some sort of virus as soon as he plugs it into an infected machine. Though the only solution for stopping a pc from infecting a...

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