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Negocios y Consumo

Product Information Points in Supermarkets

Free Markets' and capitalism are supposedly driven by market forces, the supply of a particular product or commodity in response to the corresponding demand.In short, the choices we all make in wha...

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Turismo & Viajes

Metro individual con parada elegida / Metro stop individual choice / Station de métro à choix individuel

Me gustaría entrar en el metro en vagones individuales que te permitieran ir sentado y aparecer justo en la salida existente que más te conviene sin paradas intermedias. Eso supondría un tiempo red...

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Solar vehicles tech: has a long way to go before they are introduced? not if my idea was put into practice - the idea is to have FULL under floor solar Panel which draws light from lense built into...

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Belleza & Moda


Person enters Readymade garment shopsShop owner responds to his wants/querriesShop owner instructs counter sales person to attendperson selects garmentrequests for wearing on his bodyeither selects...

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Turismo & Viajes

Rationalizing food offer and demand in air-flights. A Lego type menu modular offer to reduce food wastage and increase revenues

It is sometimes a shame to see the amount of food wasted in airplanes after meals due to the fact that the selection offer is very standard and not to the taste of everyone. Sometimes poorly cooked...

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