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Ciencia & Tecnología

modificar licencias creative commons

que las licencias cc, (CC BY, CC BY SA, etc...) tengan además la opción CE, es decir. que esa licencia tiene condiciones especiales, que ha puesto el que ha creado la obra, es para informar.

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Common Remote with touch screen for all different equipment

 Now a days we are handeling too many remotes for all different equipments like TV,DVD player,TV channel service provider,AC etc...Remote manufacturer should make remote with touch screen control s...

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Negocios y Consumo

start working on solar energy low cost technology & common to all

Really want to work for the future and ever lasting technology is solar energy so start working on every source of enery convert only to solar energy Domestic usage , Travelling, Commercial usage v...

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Arte & Cultura

Europe Under one Roof

I propose an idea for a European them food court for Indian consumers.The idea of Theme restaurants are fast catching up with the masses.Be it sports theme or italian theme.The idea is for a Europe...

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Politica y Sociedad

change the people not the world


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Vida & Salud

Online Matchmakers based on common tastes in music and/or films

I just read the news on the Financial Times that Penguin and Match.com have launched a dating site association where you get acquainted by the likes and similarities on books tastes, by the similar...

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