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Ciencia & Tecnología

Modular Component Technology Design

The pace of change in the world of modern technology has accelerated in recent years, and continues to do so at an ever increasing rate.While this means tremendous advances in how we live our lives...

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Negocios y Consumo

Centro de creación de dispositivos electrónicos / Center building electronic devices / Centre de la construction d'appareils électroniques

Se trata de un local o una cadena que te permita generar una idea que tengas sobre cualquier dispositivo electrónico que se te ocurra.This is a local or a chain that allows you to generate an idea ...

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Multi Purpose Solar Recharger

I would like to spend money on research of solar cells and batterirs that are much more efficient and compact that a small palm sized device can be used to charge devices like mobiles, rechargeable...

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Vida & Salud


USE AND THROW SHAVER WITH LIQUID LUBRICANT : By pressing the lever the liquid has to come out of the shaver before using blade. This can be incorporated at the back side of the single edge rajor. W...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

faster connector for computer accessories

                 Hi, this is my first post so i dont have much experience, but i was thinking about making a faster connector for flash drives, external hard drives or or transferring high resoluti...

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Vida & Salud

Built on Security implant for girls & women

The best device is utilising the wrist watch, bangles or chain and lockets . Girls use frequently the above items. The other choice is using safety device in cell phones.One can utilize chilly spra...

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Vida & Salud

Portable shoe cleaner/ shiner machine

 Portable shoe cleaner/ shiner machine: Executives find it difficult to maintain clean shining shoes.By designing portable battery powered machine with surface cleaning and shining attachmentsprobl...

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Politica y Sociedad

Collect Old Technological Products and give them new use (donations) (Translation of idea nº 3325)

Idea translated: nº 3325 of ideator Rents14We live in an age dominated by an 'use-and-throw' mentality, as is our Industry, moved by this capitalistic, consumer society; we incessantly renew our e...

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