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Arte & Cultura

Museos españoles en aeropuertos internacionales.

 Global-Exchange es una empresa salmantina de cambio de monedas, es la tercera del mundo y está presente en 17 países del mundo, con intención de este año, de ampliar a 23 países.Podrían llegar a c...

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Negocios y Consumo

Global Average Standard

This is an Idea to address a specific issue concerning the viability of a Digital Currency as a legitimate currency, in Particular, the problem of ascribing a more broadly recognised, measurable va...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Neighbourhood Farm Scheme

In these hard times, when the cost of living tends to encourage people who had never considered doing so before to grow their own food in their gardens... mainly vegetables that they usually consum...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Battery Vending Machines

Vending machines that dispense fully charged batteries for different types of mobile phone, laptop, as well as standard sizes for cameras gadgets etc.But you insert your used/empty battery as part ...

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Negocios y Consumo

truck advertising with a twist...

an idea so simple and so cheap to implement it requires jst a lot of advertising acumen and some fact based talks/ppt to convince the advertisers and truckers....basically u buy up all the truck ad...

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BLUE GRASS /// Hierba es siempre más verde en la otra parte del mundo

Hierba es siempre más verde en la otra parte del mundo: ¿Qué tal un ideators y Cuestores programa de intercambio para que podamos ver otros países y nuevos amigos. Uno puede estar expuesto a otra ...

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Vida & Salud

Aren't we tired of our furniture, but can't afford new ones. Then exchange with others in an exchange web. Inspired by Moria's similar idea for party dresses.

Sometimes you transfer ideas from one subject to another. Using the good idea of Moria to have a site to exchange party dresses. I thought wouldn't it be neat if we could do so with pour homes deco...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Website to barter or give away used Baby stuff

Most of my friends and family have had kids. While they were babies, their parents accumulated a zillion things for them: clothing, toys, strollers, mini bathtubs, mini sheets... Many of those thin...

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