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Flood Sucker

Properly Described, this is a Flood Water Suction Bag.An expanding rubber bag (more fun with wheel inner tubes?), that is deployed upon excess ground water caused by flooding, where it floats on th...

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Ice Block Flood Buster

Many parts of the world are currently subject to excessive rainfall, extreme weather patterns which has caused a great deal of flooding. This causes a vast a mount of damage to properties, as well ...

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Anti-Flood Door Sleeve

In light of the recent super storm in America, and seeing all the flooding there, and which is more frequently seen around the world, it is now wonder that many have considered flood shield pieces ...

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Politica y Sociedad

Global Disaster Relief Strategy

With the Recent Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, and others that occur periodically and with varying frequency around the world, and other forms of natural disaster that can devastate nations, kill ...

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Politica y Sociedad

Centros especiales contra inundaciones / Special Centers flood / Spécial inondations Centers

Estos dias lo estamos viendo en las noticias, Filipinas se hunde y no hay salida. Se me ocurre para evitarlo edificar espacios especiales en cualquier lugar del mundo como si de un bunquer anti bom...

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My idea( patent pending )is to build the roofs of poor houses as a upturned boat hull..when the floods come the occupants up end the roof and sail to safety..  I have put the idea on a website www....

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