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Politica y Sociedad

life is a gift

 we human shape is wonderful  gift to the world/planet      keep helping to all until last breath     if birth is a gift accept death also as a gift if you embrace it naturally.do not fear to face ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

The Biggest Online Group

I want to have the biggest online group of people. It would be like a virtual company with a agreement and all guys doing online work and togetherly earning a huge income for all.Some may know blog...

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Negocios y Consumo

Population Control! Job Opportunity !

 Yo All ! Well, as the title suggests the worldwide population needs to be controlled but, in such a way that the result is a bit productive. What I mean is that why don't the countries of the worl...

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Politica y Sociedad

District level Study Centers School & Colleges

Mission of Indian Cooperative Society For Education & Empowerment . . . is to empower student & youth through Books ,scholarship, research, and leadership Help us for social empowerment Your su...

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Mejorar ideas4all

Creación del grupo de mejores en ideas4all / Best group established in ideas4all / Meilleur groupe créé en ideas4all

Se trata de generar un grupo de ideators que en un tiempo limitado lo hacen mejor en distintos aspectos (más votado, más ideas, más problemas, más vistos,...) para que sus comentarios, votos y quej...

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Ciencia & Tecnología


I've always loved the name Cliq. This is a double entendre to me which says "clique" and "click". A group of people that click.Feel free to use the name, but don't get too attached as I plan to use...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Groupbuy.com, el aumento de valor para los clientes a través de Internet ///

Groupbuy.com, increasing value for customers using Internet:Customers but durable goods, white goods, automobiles, cell phones and other items alone or with their family/ friends. They visit the sh...

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Politica y Sociedad

reduce the increasing population or there will be no jobs for your children.

today most of the works are done by machines so we don't need large man power. day by day these machines efficiency is increasing. so just think that how many jobs will be there in future for your ...

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Vida & Salud

Blood group in the driver's license (Translation of idea nº 5581)

Idea translated: nº 5581 of ideator Ru4mesjlI suggest that now, with the updating of the electronic driver´s license, the blood group of every driver is included. So the blood group would be highly...

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Politica y Sociedad

The World is Over Populated

I think that our planet is over-populated; there are 6.5 billion human beings and it is leading to over-crowding

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