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Know the preparation and care of hair extensions

Hair extensions gives you a number of benefits this is why you see them growing its fame in the market all across the globe . But when you apply these human hair extensions; you should recognize a ...

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The drug testing at workplace comes with a wide range of pros

These days, the drug abuse is becoming a serious thing not only in US but all across the world. Unfortunately, the US is reported to have maximum amount of drug abuse cases found across the globe. ...

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oily hair

apply a paste of homey and lemon on your sclap and wait for half and hour before you wsh your hair.it helps a lot.....

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la caida del pelo´cosa tan complicada, y pesarosa, yo tengo la solucion, no es por medio de menjurjes, ni hierbas, ni vacunas, ni complicadas operaciones, es por medio de un producto inodoro, incol...

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Deportes y entretenimiento

secador y perfumador de sudor / hair and sweat perfume / cheveux et le parfum sweat /

Me gustaría hacer deporte todos los días yendo a trabajar pero quién se pone a hacer nada con un sudor por todo el cuerpo y una peste que aleja a un muerto. Se me ocurre un chandal que aromatice y ...

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Teñido de pelo instantáneo / Instant Hair Dyeing

Me gustaría tener una sustancia en gel, que según se da en el cabello, haga que cambie el color de tu pelo al que prefieras. Pero si no te gusta, por que no te queda bien, usando de nuevo el mismo ...

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Hair Loss Solution

Most people believe the only way to cure their hair loss problem is from the outside, by using a chemical treatment, shampoo or other topical treatment. These ways can work for you, but in recent m...

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Instant hair dye application with automatic spray hair combs /// Tintes de cabello instantánea con aplicación automática de spray de cabello peines:

Instant hair dye application with automatic spray hair combs:Why not one can design hair combs with spraying device so that one can apply hair dye by combing itself.Tintes de cabello instantánea co...

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Hair Dye /// Todos los tintes de cabello en el mercado requieren mucho tiempo

All the available hair dye products in the market require lot of time for application, mixing of two ingradients is an irritating experience for the users.Why not they manufacture hair dye so that ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología


SAFE CAR DRIVING IN GHAT SECTIONS AND HIGH HILLS USING SOUND WAVESCar drivers while riding in high hills and ghat sections could not identify vehicles from the opposite direction at hair bend curv...

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solution for facial hair

 use regulerly turmeric(haldi) powder and sandal paste, it may solve your problem.

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Make your fizzy hair soft & silky

Often ladies get worried with fizy hair which are neither soft nor silky use olive oilApply oil atleast once in a week then steam your hair before hair wash .After hair wash rinse your hair with 2 ...

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