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It is hard and expensive to transport movie cd/dvd all over the world, and it also makes prices of the original cd/dvd high. This problem gives rise to piracy.A great solution to all this problems ...

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Belleza & Moda

Teñido de pelo instantáneo / Instant Hair Dyeing

Me gustaría tener una sustancia en gel, que según se da en el cabello, haga que cambie el color de tu pelo al que prefieras. Pero si no te gusta, por que no te queda bien, usando de nuevo el mismo ...

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Fast Auto Loan


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Vida & Salud

Instant and portable HIV test (Translation of idea nº 5254)

Idea translated: nº 5254 of ideator bauzaMy proposal is for an HIV test you could take right before having sexual relations. A portable and quick test so that people that are going to have sex can ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Work from from home website which acts like an atm

Seeing so many jobless people around me, i wanted to create a facility for these people to sit at home and make some quick bucks. Some people because of some compulsions cant make it to jobs, but c...

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Deportes y entretenimiento

Instant Replay

Create an instant replay system for all high school, college, and pro sports on controversial calls where the coach 1 chance per quarter, half, period, etc to challenge.  If they win challenge, a t...

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