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     This software "C Tutor", acts as a good trainer of the C Programming Language. By using "C Tutor", you can learn the C language very easily and quickly even without the help of any teacher. "...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Skype Language Translator

How cool would it be to talk, with a little delay, to anyone, no matter what language do they speak?

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Tips on learning to converse in Swedish language

Learning Swedish language has its own challenges for the people of English background. Though there is lot of similarity between Swedish and English language. The only issue anyone faces while lear...

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La idea es montar un instituto de idiomas (Español/Inglés) completamente virtual empleando herramientas que ya existen en el mercado tales como Skype, Messenger, WizIQ etc. además del apoyo en plat...

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Universal Theory of Language

The development of language has allowed the human race to communicate the ideas and the power of thought which marks us out from every other animal on earth... and indeed this power of thought has ...

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Advertise in 799 All India Newspapers - 21 Languages only Rs.79999/

 Yes for Just Rs.79999/- advertise in 799 Newspapers from all over India in 21 Languages.20 words advertisement including your contact number/address published in 21 different languages in 799 news...

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Your Own News Paper or your publish your own Thoughts

You can start your own local news paper for this you have to get updates from your interest ares or you can start publishing your or your friends thoughts that can make some difference in your envi...

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изучение языков

найти в той стране чей язык вы хотите выучить человека и организовать общение на его родном языке через skype,e-mail,icq

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Bad Grammar Translator

Having recently commented on an idea (No 72 877), It occured to me that there is a problem when communicating an idea or comments to people in other languages......We all use regional dialects, loc...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Language Converter Mobile

Hi, my idea is a mobile which convert voice into selected language. Suppose when one user talk to another user and first user talking in French and second one don’t know French. Then second user se...

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Learn Spanish at your teachers´ home in La Manga, Spain

Combine a sunny holiday break with learning Spanish in La Manga,SpainTailor-made course at  your teacher´s home, teaching method adapted to mature learners who speak English.For more information: w...

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Passive Reading for Dyslexia

I saw one of those magic eye pictures the other day, where you have to stare past the jumbled colours to see the image.I wondered if a similar technique could be developed for dyslexics?Although th...

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