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Fractured Text

Mixed MessagesWhenever I have heard dyslexia is discussed in media articles, those who suffer from this condition report a variety of symptoms regarding the aspect of reading, from letters moving, ...

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The Cloud School - Schools 10 years into the future

The new literacy is about condensation and exposition. The condensate is the framework, the visual above, evolved over nine years and tested since 1990, in diverse developmental contexts. The frame...

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Educating, Job & Property at less than 100 Euro.

 HiI see a huge difference in employability and skills that the resources possess, as a result there is always a demand for good people and a derth of people who are educated yet are unemployed. Wh...

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EDUparks - Learn Etiquette in the park for free

* 1st Idea: I would put up some waterproof digital signs/screens (see picture below) that give people interesting etiquette tips and lessons. You could just sit in the park while relaxing and sunba...

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solution for What should an on-line training course be like for students to complete?//¿Qué solución para un curso de formación on-line ser como para los estudiantes para completar

All of us know that distance learningand its relationship to education have together offered many promises to the field of education.but there are problems coming up like Despite the promises and o...

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Associative Learning Curriculum

When we begin to teach children, we use the activity of play, and engage their natural interest and curiosity in the world around them to encourage them to learn.A simple toy with bright colours an...

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Fact BANG!

I was thinking about how much advertising there is all around us every day, lodging jingles and product names in our brains, often against our will.  You find yourself knowing about about a product...

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Passive Reading for Dyslexia

I saw one of those magic eye pictures the other day, where you have to stare past the jumbled colours to see the image.I wondered if a similar technique could be developed for dyslexics?Although th...

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Maintaining & developing parks in suburbs of large cities

BACKGROUND:City councils spend money on parks people to go around spraying herbicides on weeds, most of which are highly toxic & therefore are not an ideal solution... and i have never once seen a ...

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Aprendizaje televisivo / Learning TV / Apprentissage TV

Es evidente que a los niños les encanta la televisión, donde ver dibujos o series de niños resulta una pasión que aguantan el tiempo que sea necesario. Yo me pregunto si los profesores no podrían g...

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Obligatoria dentro del programa de aprendizaje con destino a los niños en edad escolar::::::Compulsory Out bound learning program for school children’s

Obligatoria dentro del programa de aprendizaje con destino a los niños en edad escolar: Existe la necesidad de llevar a los niños de la escuela cada año una o dos veces a los lugares cercanos para ...

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No más "aprendizaje" / No more "learning"

Educación seleccionista para el aulaTeniendo en cuenta que la educación es un proceso en el cual los individuos generan conocimiento para resolver problemas, y que en las aulas de clase se pretende...

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