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Coffee Vending Machines in Twin Cities

Taking this as an chance we as a quality service provider are very proud to announce that our very well-known Coffee Vending Machines Twin Cities all over the offices are performing well as accordi...

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Electrical Machine design: BUILD YOUR OWN MACHINE

Scenario: Thousands of Electrical Engineers graduate every year. Many of them diversify from the core subject to become entrepreneurs in various other fields or choose to work in the IT sector. How...

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Oxígeno en máquinas dispensadoras / Oxygen in vending machines / L'oxygène dans les machines distributrices

Lo mismo que compras una botella de refresco por la calle podríamos conseguir oxigeno en dos opciones al menos, la primera es para emergencia para personas que realmente lo necesite y la segunda op...

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Road cleaning by using automatic cleaning machines and trucks /// Limpieza viaria mediante máquinas automáticas de limpieza y camiones:

Road cleaning by using cleaning machines and trucks: Every where we face shortage of labor, with the increase in education no body would like to do odd jobs. Roads are fully covered with dust, In...

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Built on Lavarropas de pequeñas dimensiones para hoteles y alojamientos

 WE HAVE TO CREATE FLAT WASHING MACHINES WHICH CAN HAHE SEVERAL OPTIONS LIKE SCRUBBING COLLORS AND CUFFS ONLY.  One kg capacity washer so that only few cloths can be washed instantly. Rather than u...

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Vida & Salud

Leg and Ankle Massage Machine in Airlines/// Pierna y del tobillo en la máquina de masaje Airlines

Leg and Ankle Massage Machine in Airlines: Long distance air travelers suffer frommuscle cramps due to lack of space and minimum leg movement, simply they have to sit idle throughout the journey. T...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Portable toilet cleaning machines/// WC portátiles de limpieza de máquinas:

 Portable toilet cleaning machines:We have portable vaccum cleaners, why not portable toilet cleaners with machine operated brush, suction and blowing facilities.They can be used in homes as well a...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

intellisensed answering machines

We all know of answering machines in phones that read out a specific message for any call when we do not pick up the receiver for a few rings. I suggest an option to have customised answering based...

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vending machine con medicinas

Esta idea me parece que está funcionando en JapónPoner vending machines en farmacias y hospitales con algunas medicinas genéricas que no requieran receta médica, para que en horarios extraordinario...

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