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Negocios y Consumo

More Money and More Business by Some Good Business Plans

I have a some good Business plan about Data Entry Business like "Credit Deposit System" & "Data Entry On Rent: plans for Student, housewife, working people, Retired person. This plan is very useful...

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Arte & Cultura

Make Museum interesting places

Museums carry an impression of dry, raw and dead look of exhibits on display. These can be made interesting and lively. 1. Every exhibition would have some unique and very popular items they need t...

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Arte & Cultura

Making museums interesting

Historical museums normally are filled with the items of the bygone era giving a dead look at the visitors. They can be made interesting by creating a story around the displayed items by sequencing...

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Arte & Cultura

Museums at public places

Museums are isolated landmarks that expect interested people to visit them, lesser number of people visit them as they dont seems to be lively places and cannot be bundled with entertainment. Why c...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Comunity site that pays you to talk about anything and everything

It's very fun place,I'd say it's similar to ideas4all but you get paid to start new discussion or comment on discussions.It's almoust addicting and you can get answers on your questions or just sha...

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Deportes y entretenimiento

Fabricación de videos caseros / Making home videos / Faire des vidéos

Se trata de ofrecer por internet y en locales pequeños, la posibilidad de generar varios tipos de vídeos en fomato casero a partir de fotos y videos propios del cliente y con escenas generadas por ...

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Politica y Sociedad

Built on making education of girl child compulsary and free of cost till 16yrs of age most strictly in under developed countries

Thank you for your good idea, I would like to add few more things. To attract and sustain poor girl childrens attending school some incentive has to be provided like providing monthly stiphend, rat...

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Politica y Sociedad

making education of girl child compulsary and free of cost till 16yrs of age most strictly in under developed countries

many technologies has came in this era but even then the thinking of people is so cheap and narrow. in developing and under developed countries their still exists inequality among gender when it co...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

its a new idea about science and technology

here nowadays pollution are increases day by day with respect to population.if we not stop this then it may harmful.the money which we are given to government that one should be use for maintainanc...

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