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Global Average Standard

This is an Idea to address a specific issue concerning the viability of a Digital Currency as a legitimate currency, in Particular, the problem of ascribing a more broadly recognised, measurable va...

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Economic Time

Time and MoneyWe've all heard the expression 'time is money'...that how quickly you can complete a task can determine how many tasks you can perform in a given period, with the attendant monetary v...

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How to invest in shares using technical analysis tools

When you look for higher return in quick time probably, your risk is also going higher. Investing in stock and shares is also based on similar concept. World stock markets are favourite destination...

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This is free to Join. Earn without investment.

Hello..Join free and earn...in Pre Launching stage...Really very Effective and ITS TOTALLY FREE NOWWWWWWW……..It’s from world famous JOHNSON group with worlds top Add Agency Company. For every Direc...

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Economia escolar

Criar um sistema económico que se ligue com o desempenho escolar da criança/adolescente.Ideias:- o desempenho do aluno traduzir-se ia em "dinheiro" ou em valor a ser utilizado no âmbito escolar, po...

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Use your Facebook Accounts to make some Money with it - HOW TO !!

Hey there fellow Internet Users, i have an Idea !!! I came across an amazing Facebook Service that not just only help me to find very amazing FanPages on Facebook , but also pays me for check...

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100% Guaranteed Income from Home with Ejobs Online (10324)

If you are jobless or have no source of income then do not waste your time. Join us today and earn a smart income. You will have to do our simple data entry projects.

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Earn Rs6,700 per month (Fix). Spend your time in net and get money.Just invest some time and take money to your house. Work in your spare time/office/work at home. There is no experience require, j...

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The Secret Of Money

Money has a secret......A secret it would be hard conceive that nobody else knows about, and perhaps those that do know, don't want the rest of us to realise...…the ultimate goal of money is to des...

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Capitalism Does Not Exist

Defining “Capitalism”Interestingly, I have found, after a little research, that there seems to be no universally recognised definition of the term 'Capitalism', or agreement concerning just what is...

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Friends,I feel 100€ is not big but sufficent to start a small business this business may sound weird but can be tried. The best option I believe, is to use this money no where. Keep this money in y...

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No Money...No cry!!

I am not talking about being poor..I am not talking about joblessness and I am definitely not talking about depravity from material goods and services. What I am saying is complete removal of the m...

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