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Cortauñas automático / Automatic Nail Clipper / Courte ongles automatique

Me refiero a un cortauñas normal al que se le ha provisto de un sistema eléctrico que le permite cortar cuando el aparato detecta una uña y cuando apretas a un botón al alcance de tu pulgar.I mean ...

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solution for nail biting

 Always be busy, involve in activities preferbly by using your hands.Try to change your thought process, if you think too much automatically while thinking you try to stick on to nail biting. If it...

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How to make your nail polish last long

Whenever we find that nail paint is getting over and thick over the time mix little amount of nail paint remover in the nail paint and mix it well.The nail paint will last longer as well as it will...

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Make your nail shine

If all you gals want to make your nails look shining soke your hand on weekend in  lemon water then again apply vaseline over the nail.Try 2 do the same twice  aweek your nail will become shinny an...

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Fast drying nail polish. Design a better chemical nail varnish

How many times we are in a hurry and spoil our recently done nails because the nail varnish is still wet and we have touched it with our clothes for example.it would be great that with all the prog...

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want to Create trendy nail varnish to do artistic nail painting statements. Use soluble food colorants that are edible and hence do not harm

I would like to have all kinds of possibilities to personalize the decoration of your nails to make an artistic statement with them and make it fashionable and cool.it could become trendy and fashi...

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