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The Paint Your Life group assures high quality and affordable pet portraits for you

It is common axiom that amongst the animals dogs are considered to be man's best friend. Even people who love dogs reciprocate the feeling of love and affection towards their pets. Hence you will f...

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Having an economical house painting at your place

In the current economical crisis, carrying out expenses within limits of effects suitable from buying grocery to painting house Boynton Beach or painting house Wellington, or anything else is the p...

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Anti-graffities paint

To prevent vandalism on façades and buildings an anti-graffiti paint on walls could be a good idea.

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Arte & Cultura

Hacer un Festival de Body Painting

Se imaginan tener un festival de Body Painting, ahi veriamos la habilidada de todos y la capacidad de crear los diseños mas originales.

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Arte & Cultura

Pintura grafitera en cuadros / Painting graffiti on tables / Peinture graffitis sur les tables

La idea es eliminar todos los grafitis de la calle tanto las firmas que enguarran todo como los mejores vendidos a los comerciantes. Propongo que se pinten en cuadros y se atrevan a competir con lo...

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Belleza & Moda

Night Disco Make up

A special make up that could show in the night at disco. For especial parties or events It could be fluorescent...

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