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Archer Bag

Have you ever tried to shake the contents out of a bag? If you have, then you will know how difficult it can be to keep a hold of the bag, and what strain it causes in the neck and back area even i...

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why dont we build roads of recycled plactics

use of recycled plastics can be done to build roads.the property of plastics such as water resistance,less corrosive ets is very much  helfull to  build roads

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Turning Oil to a Solid for Easy Cleaning

I must admit from the outset that I have only a cursory knowledge of the subject and this particular issue.But having had a little scan of the internet about oil/ or HydroCarbons, a few avenues of ...

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Negocios y Consumo

The Oil Catastrophe

It is Predicted That the global reserves of oil will run out sometime in the middle of this century, based on the rate of Consumption Levels at present ... maybe a bit longer if Better and more eff...

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Libros de texto hecho con plástico reciclado / Textbooks made from recycled plastic / Manuels faits de plastique recyclé

Estamos con lo de las bolsas de plástico. Para no quitarlas del supermercado vendría bien que se reciclaran en libros de texto con hojas en plástico. Tendría que conseguirse un buen blanco y con es...

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Belleza & Moda

Ropa de bolsas de plástico para reciclar / Sheets of plastic bags for recycling

Lo mismo que se reciclan los plásticos para rehacer de nuevo unos materiales útiles, se podría utilizar para hacer ropa a la moda aunque no fuera duradera. Se vendería al precio que corresponde.The...

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Edible Silverware and dishes

Plastic utensils that are used for disposable one-time use should be replaced by edible utensils, made of hard cracker materials, such as corn or wheat.Crackers can be made hard enough to use for m...

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Green Enterpreneurs

 This recession time could be the best time for someone with an enterpreneurial spirit. If someone is thinking about the green revolution, about saving the environment in the long run, the word "pl...

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Alternative to plastic rings for soft drink cans (Translation of idea nº 2887)

Idea translated: nº 2887 of ideator GvarelaI have just placed some soft drink cans in my refrigerator, and I am realizing that year after year, manufacturers still use plastic to bundle the packs o...

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Casa & Mascotas

Construido sobre "Cortinas de agua / water curtains"

"Es una idea decorativa: Láminas de plástico flexible con una fina pelicula de agua en su interior y que según le pongamos un colorante u otro cambiamos el color de estas." por Montes.Modificaría l...

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Casa & Mascotas

Ring to the plates, cups, bowls ...= does not stain / us

Who is he not fallen fluid a plate, bowl, glass at the table, the sofa or somewhere? .. And though this seems a television ad that, the idea proposed by the feel useful:IDEA: Place around the edge ...

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Casa & Mascotas

Cortinas de agua / water curtains

Es una idea decorativa: Láminas de plástico flexible con una fina pelicula de agua en su interior y que según le pongamos un colorante u otro cambiamos el color de estas.

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