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Technical Analysis Company in India advising what is best investment for today in premarket

 Market pulse stock advisory providing free premarket information on Indian stocks trend based on technical analysis of individual shares historical price data. Accurate target will provide you pla...

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precios variables / varying prices / des prix variables

Se trata de recibir en una pagina web de internet conocida por los internautas por ese motivo, los precios de una franja de horas determinadas, donde los centros comerciales ofrecen en un tiempo de...

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Indian Suggestion For The American Crisis

Hello, Please find my contribution to the ideas. America is in trouble. What it needs is the right direction now so that it can once again lead the world. 1. I would suggest right taxes in America ...

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Supermarket cart with a screen telling you the items in the cart and their price (Translation of idea nº 6496)

Idea translated: nº 6496 of ideator enchodebaconHi!How many times have we gone shopping and, thanks to the supermarket's intelligent distribution (taking you the way they want you to go so that you...

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