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Deportes y entretenimiento

Facebook Applications (SoccerVille)

Fantasy bettings on soccer and sharing of revenue with users who won on the bets.

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Internet Open Nobel Prize. Collective -Community popular Nobel’s. Los Premio Nobel abiertos Globales y locales

I propose that we develop a site where we start a Nobel Prize selection and voting open system where we could have worldwide candidates and laureates but also geo-local candidates and categories. T...

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Mejorar ideas4all

premios a los mejores problemas / prizes to the best problems / des prix aux meilleures problèmes

Se trata de dar algún premio para incentivar la propuesta de problemas y su resolución sobre un tema de interés para ideas4all.It is about giving a prize to encourage the proposal of problems and t...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Dont worry if you think your idea is bad it could get a reward or a prize, Everything is relative

You need not censor yourself on your ideas or the ideas you post in ideas4all or other sites that run contests as I believe ideas4all should do.There are prizes for everything around the world and ...

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