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Vida & Salud

Shopping malls in office building complexes

Shopping malls on the ground floors of office building complexes will help office goers to get stuff on their way back without much fuss.  It will help reduce traffic congestion in market places an...

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Turismo & Viajes

Mobile Networking

Installing Wireless networking transmission and receiving units in City Buses ( Eg.)  will bring the network under one circle and can desing many applications for transportation facilities.Eg. 1. d...

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Problem Form

When browsing through problems section on the site, I notice a lot of people ask for ideas for projects for courses they are doing, or business ideas, or ideas for programmes for classes etc.But th...

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a german recycling method when you take your bottles back to the shop or to a drinks market then you get a certain amount of money back

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premios a los mejores problemas / prizes to the best problems / des prix aux meilleures problèmes

Se trata de dar algún premio para incentivar la propuesta de problemas y su resolución sobre un tema de interés para ideas4all.It is about giving a prize to encourage the proposal of problems and t...

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Número de problemas por dia / Number of problems per day / Nombre de problèmes par jour

Me gustaría ver aparecer un número que indique la cantidad de problemas que llevo en ese día.I would like to see receive a number indicating the number of problems that I have on that day.Je voudra...

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Ciencia & Tecnología


Hi..many bike riders due to some urgency they wil forgive to lock the side stand in bike, so due to this many accidents were occured.To avoid this simply while locking the stand,this wil touches th...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Mobile:missed cal & U missed cal

In present world peoples cant live without mobiles. In this, during call time we have some problem ie., consider if anybody is calling to your mobile,at that time you kept in silent or you kept mob...

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A veces cuando se postean ideas, llevas un buen rato escribiendo y dando forma a la redacción y, por cualquier motivo, se borra o no se sube bien y pierdes la información. En gmail, cuando estás es...

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Over Population

The great problem of today is the overpopulated world, all the rest problems are derived and related directly of this one.The solutions.1.- Limitate the amount of childrens by couple or person (lik...

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Arte & Cultura

Teach ‘MahaYoga’ with true-spiritualism ––‘MahaVad’ to all criminals

Teach true-spiritualism ––‘MahaVad’ (taught by the great sage MahaAnand) with its true self-development program ‘MahaManan’ to all criminals compulsorily as part of their daily routine, so they can...

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Politica y Sociedad


hey i have gone through the same situation... ther can be a possibility of ur x-boyfriend still liking you or probably he thinks you still like him.... it has happened to me.... but apparantly i ha...

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