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Vida & Salud

Memory Massage

Anyone who has suffered prolonged memory loss or amnesia will know what an awful feeling it is to endure such a condition, and how important memories are to shaping who we are as people.Having expe...

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Politica y Sociedad

Protest Propaganda T-Shirt

Often, times of great social change are preceded by civil protest by the the people, or groups of people making their demands in public places, which frequently brings them into close proximity wit...

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Vida & Salud

The Atlas Complex

In the last horrible Decade, I think there has been something Bearing down on the human race psychologically.Can you feel it too?Like many of you, I'm old enough to remember the nineties, a time wh...

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Politica y Sociedad

Psicología social / Social psychology / La psychologie sociale

Estaría bien enseñar a los niños en valores como ya comentaba en otra idea pero sería más interesante que fueran capaces de conocer a la gente cuando salen a cualquier lugar donde les toque estar. ...

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Politica y Sociedad

science of the subjective

The science of objects is logical, predictive, simple and linear. The science of subjects can be illogical, is normally non-predictive, nonlinear and complex, and highly self-reflexive.If the west ...

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Deportes y entretenimiento

Virtual Couple/Marriage Simulator

We all know how difficult it is to communicate. Sometimes marriage crisis happen because of this difficulty. And we all know how much time people expend these days at computers, sometimes chatting,...

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