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Politica y Sociedad

How to prepare for competitive examinations?

 Nowadays many competitive examinations and entrance examinations are conducted through objective type questions and the candidate has to answer each question within 20 to 25 seconds. He should hav...

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Politica y Sociedad

Fractured Text

Mixed MessagesWhenever I have heard dyslexia is discussed in media articles, those who suffer from this condition report a variety of symptoms regarding the aspect of reading, from letters moving, ...

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Lectura simplificada en ideas4All / Reading Simplified ideas4All / Lecture ideas4All simplifié

Estoy pensando en acomodar todas las lecturas a comentarios de mis ideas y respuestas de los demás a los que les hago el comentario de una forma más sencilla para poder dedicarle un tiempo más efic...

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Ciencia & Tecnología


We are going to see the boom in digital books soon, yet it seems that nobody has noticed that children need special formats of them: more robust, full-color, larger. It is clear that today this tec...

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Politica y Sociedad


Reading a good book will give you wisdom provided you understand it properly.

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Turismo & Viajes

Short in-flight library. easyreading 4 easyjet and easy reading 4all airlines

For short or long flights we all bring books carrying them and they weight and are bulky to carry.Wouldn't it be a good service for passengers if on top of magazines and press the airlines would ca...

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