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MY School ROAD

 MY School ROAD -A Simple Concept. I wish that students from every school in the world promises to keep their school road neat and clean. that's all expected from them. The students should bear the...

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A programm that lets you introduce a series of words in order to memorize them and it comes up with a word or sentence (easier to memorize) that contains the first letters and/or sillabus of each w...

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Bad Drivers can be eliminated !

How to get rid of BAD DRIVERS from road ?  Simple -- Eliminate BAD DRIVING and not Bad Drivers !Solution is simple but will take some years.   - Driving skill should be made part of school educatio...

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Making Math more Fun !

"Now You Can Have All That You Need To Make Math FUN And EASY For Kids!" And you won't believe how easy it is to do!

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Don't go to school

 This idea says that no-one should go to school because school is boring.

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Mid-management finishing school for the emerging markets where a lot of jobs are going out to

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Business School in Delhi Suburbs....really practical...No risk, No recession


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Los estudiantes a diario se enfrentan con el peso de sus mochilas.Mi propuesta es que los libros digitales se apliquen a los libros educativos, de este modo todos los libros caben en la palama de t...

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total educational reform

 Well, I'm a medical professional working in neurosciences and working in education. I understand and have real measures to improve child education or higher education. I cannot discuss all here bu...

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Talent search school

in our 12 yrs of schooling life we children have to learn many unnecessary things. We are taught such things which we will never see or utilize in our whole life. It mere waste of timeWhat if we ha...

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Saving electricity and energy

The modern times are feeling an enrergy crunch. Millions of trees and coal\ oil etc is burnt to generate electricity. Excess pollution is leading to disastrous environmental changes. We all are dep...

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