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Easy way for cold shoes

The easiest solution does not reside in the footwear, but in the templates, you can add a plastic layer with gel beads (you can buy at any store), later joined with adhesive both parties can procee...

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zapato de mujer adaptable

un zapato de mujer con un taln desmontable para ser usado como zapato de vestir o bailarina

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Belleza & Moda

How to choose a right women ballroom shoe

We find Ballroom dance in our society since long, although it kept upgrading with different styles and types as time went ahead . People all about the world enjoy ballroom dance socially, and no...

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why dont we design a shoe that can charge all our Accessories.like mobiles,ipod etc

why dont we devise a shoe that can generate enough power to charge our mobiles,ipods,cameras etc........think.....

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Adaptive Shoes oinak

Moldagarria material dagoeneko existitzen da, beraz, bakarrik da modu oinetakoak sortu behin dutela jartzen dira, egokitu zure oinez (ere, eskuineko oina desberdina da ezkerretik) forma bila dabilt...

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Warm shoes

With the current technology of chips and cell batterys, a net of filmaments into the shoes (or as a sole) could be inserted to check and mantein the selected temperature.

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Zapatos para los viajeros/// Shoes for Travellers

1) Llevar a peso ligero y transpirable Sandalias lavables para los fines generales 2) Llevar zapatillas usar y tirar cuarto de baño. 3) Para llevar zapatos de buscar un backsack con una capacidad...

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Belleza & Moda

Manufacture of Luxury Hand-made Sandals for Woman

 Our idea is create a company dedicated to manufacturing luxury and fantasy handmade sandals for woman.Thanks to our unique and exclusive designs, our raw materials and components are of high quali...

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Fabricación artesanal de sandalias de fantasia para mujer

Nuestra idea es crear una empresa dedicada a la fabricación artesanal de sandalias de lujo y fantasía para la mujer. Gracias a nuestros diseños únicos y exclusivos, nuestras materias primas y los ...

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Athlete’s efficiency enhancing and body temperature controlling Breadhing Shoes

Joggers and athletes feel sweaty in their shoes while working out. If shoes are designed with empty rubber dome with many small tubes opening within the shoes and other end of dome opens in free ai...

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 shoe users should not use the same shoe continuously, by allowing one or two days gap the leather can get dried.

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