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Arte & Cultura


Mezcla de water-polo y volley-ball. Se juega igual, 6 contra 6 en una piscina de unas dimensiones similares.

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no mas agua para lavar trastes o loza

Alguna vez te has preguntado cuanto te gastas lavando loza o trastes, en estos tiempos donde ahorrar agua y gastos en el servicio de acueducto es tan primordial, generar ideas para minimizar el gas...

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Car AC water utilization

The condensed water coming out of AC drains in car can be routed to a small purification unit which filters the metal particles and converts that to Usable water.This water can be used for refillin...

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 water is the main living source for every living being. Its a natures gift to all. At present the drinking water has become a main business commodity in india. Previous governments gave permission...

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Flood Sucker

Properly Described, this is a Flood Water Suction Bag.An expanding rubber bag (more fun with wheel inner tubes?), that is deployed upon excess ground water caused by flooding, where it floats on th...

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Ice Block Flood Buster

Many parts of the world are currently subject to excessive rainfall, extreme weather patterns which has caused a great deal of flooding. This causes a vast a mount of damage to properties, as well ...

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Vida & Salud

Hydraulic Knee Brace

This, I hope, will be the first in a series of ideas that aim to mechanically assist the natural actions of the body in performing their functions adequately, and typically, where injury, or other ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Vacuum Kettle Cap

Water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes. Meaning less energy is required to boil it.This is due to the reduced atmospheric pressure.What if we could replicate these higher altitude co...

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Rolling Turf Roof

 The Idea of a Grass Roof is not new, but if you use both sides of the roof (the top, and underside of the roof surface) then you can fit twice the amount of turf, and therefore carbon storage capa...

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Arte & Cultura

Reloj de arena gigante que también es una fuente natural de agua.

A parte de ser una obra de arte que podria estar expuesta en el centro de un parque o plaza, también serviria como fuente de agua, eso si, agua del cielo, ya que la arena siempre estaria en la part...

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Negocios y Consumo

save water

if you want to save water just use only what you will spend if you will bathe only opens the key to get wet then close the open soaping you take off the foam and thus ready will save water and mone...

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Anti-Flood Door Sleeve

In light of the recent super storm in America, and seeing all the flooding there, and which is more frequently seen around the world, it is now wonder that many have considered flood shield pieces ...

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