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A Simple Trick To Relieve An Aching Wrist When Writing

For most of us, the act of writing for any extended period of time can cause the wrist to ache, necessitating periodic breaks to wriggle the wrist and loosen it up again before proceeding...… This ...

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Gafas avisadoras de distancia de escritura incorrecta / Eyewear advertisers away from writing incorrect / Lunettes annonceurs distance de l'écriture incorrecte

Cuando un niño tiene que llevar gafas y tiende a acercarse, los lentes podrían tener un dispositivo disimulado en su estructura que permita reconocer al niño que está a una distancia muy próxima pa...

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controlador de distancia en escritura / distance controller in writing / controlateur de distance pour écrire

Me preocupa ver a tanto niño y joven pegados al texto para escribir. Yo propongo que a todos sin excepción, se le proporcione un cachivache para que siempre estén a la distancia que necesite cada u...

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solution for story writing

You can visit this website and and register  www.ideas4writers.co.uk ,hope you will get reqiired guidence. Wish you all the best.

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I've always loved the name Cliq. This is a double entendre to me which says "clique" and "click". A group of people that click.Feel free to use the name, but don't get too attached as I plan to use...

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I think everybody should write his daily personal records in the form of a personal diary. It may not be of instant usage ; but as time passes on its importance increases.              With time, p...

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Write with only mind

 Everyday more and more people are contributing information on the world wide web in the form of blogs, websites, ebooks etc. Typing all the stuff is making life hectic. If a device can be designed...

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Shower Notes

 I'd like to see a special note-taking system for the shower, preferably something that could be used to type or write easily. My first thought was a waterproof material and a grease pencil. Probab...

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