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You are invited to become a part of the Digital Business Club community. An open and collaborative space created by DES – Digital Business World Congress. The DES Club is a place where you can meet and communicate with anyone interested in open innovation and digital transformation. Debate and share knowledge on new technologies, new business models and how to improve different sectors of the economy.

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Digital Enterprise Show
This is not only an international innovation and digital transformation event of reference; it is the key event that brings together companies and professionals from the world of business, who are already working or are looking to work with the most innovative products and solutions in the market, with the objective of forming part of the new digital economy. Find out more

The Digital Enterprise Show opens this space for ideas crowdsourcing and collaboration to create a continuous and permanent debate between the different editions of the event. Everyone interested in promoting digital and technological innovation in any sector and industry is welcome.

How can I participate in the Digital Business Club?
You must be registered in ideas4all.com to participate. You can register here.
If you are already registered, simply access the Digital Business Club private area using the button on the top of this page, "Enter the Digital Business Club".

In the private area, you can:

  • Share your ideas and suggestions.
  • Comment and collaborate with other Club members.
  • Contribute to solving the challenges we put forward.
  • Launch your own challenges.
  • Learn from the knowledge shared by other members.
  • Search for content you are really interested in.
  • Take advantage of the networking opportunities with innovative profiles.
What we talk about in the Digital Business Club
Because every sector is different, there is no single area of dialogue, but many. That is why we focus on talking about the most innovative technologies with the greatest potential impact.

We are aware of the importance of knowing the benefits all these technologies can bring to our business sector.

All these areas are of interest to us

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