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Apart from, ideas4all Innovation, the leading Spanish-language innovation management software, markets innovation communities for organizations of all types, interested in transformation through collaborative intelligence, i.e. bringing together large groups of people with a common goal, such as solving a challenge collaboratively. Participants co-create ideas and possible solutions to those challenges within a community.

ideas4all Innovation: robust and flexible architecture to build your innovation initiatives

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Our software allows you to host corporate innovation programs that can be managed through a proprietary methodology, while continuously measuring and assessing the entire process, from its conception to the promotion of the best ideas that solve an organization’s challenges. Likewise, our communities go one step further and make it possible to bring together, in one digital channel, all online and offline activities that usually complement programs of this kind.

Whatever your needs, we can meet them. Our software also adapts to more flexible projects that seek to raise a specific challenge for a short space of time and gather a large volume of ideas and insights to help solve the challenge. In either case, an organization may ask for suggestions and receive them from the collectives it chooses, such as its own employees, clients, suppliers, or directly from the general public.

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Organizations from all sectors choose us to innovate collectively:

- Discover all-new success stories here [downloadable pdfs]

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 - Visit some of our open communities to get to know our software directly, as well as some examples of how it is used.

And if you want to discover our communities in depth and see how they can be adapted to your needs, we will be more than pleased to advise you.

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