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Politica y Sociedad

Creo que una solución sería un tranvía en Madrid y otras muchas ciudades es más limpio y más eficaz

Viajando por otras ciudades San Francisco, Ámsterdam, Viena, Valencia y Lisboa te das cuenta de que aún en las ciudades modernas se pueden implantar y modernizar los tranvías, me parecería interesa...

1043 0 6
Politica y Sociedad

Easter ideas. Prepare an Easter basket to send to Obama full of decorated eggs with best ideas for the crisis

Maybe this year we should decorate Easter eggs with ideas, writing them down in your favorite colors.The best ones for the crisis we could use to prepare a basket to the White House for ObamaA more...

942 2 4
Vida & Salud

Now that population ages have a Universal grandparents days as well

Just that some day to thank them as well for all their efforts and love

875 0 2
Vida & Salud

thinking about Mothers day and fathers day, have a Universal Mothers and Fathers day across the globe

Writing the previous 2 ideas on mothers day came across the thought of why not have the same dates for mothers and fathers days across the world


1238 1
Arte & Cultura

Which are the world's most visited monuments?

Looking at number of visitors for the Sagrada Familia of Gaudi I searched for worlds most visited monuments and to my surprise neither Google, nor ask, nor Yahoo answers give a comprehensive answer...

1731 0
Negocios y Consumo

can opening finger risk free

Still the can opening systems fro soft drinks is not fully solved-many people have problems with their fingers been injured or stressed and sometime the small metal breaks and the can cannot be ope...

1806 1
Ciencia & Tecnología


I believe one of the reasons for lost ideas and project that die that they were too early in time and the market was not yet ready for them. Problem posted really tries to address if there could b...

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Mejorar ideas4all

Could we users contribute to the Koro Koro cartoons section

Would like to know whether Koro Koro could be a collaborative cartoon sectionI understand Koro Koro is the sound of pleasent laughter in Japanese



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Politica y Sociedad

Encontrar compañero para hacer deporte en cualquier lugar y hora del planeta // Find a sports partner anywhere in the world, at any time

(scroll down to read English version) Todos sabemos que el mundo corre a pasos agigantados, pero las personas parece que van al revés, parece que cada vez les cuesta más moverse, las nuevas tecnol...

1411 1 3
Ciencia & Tecnología


Below The cars We can Attach such kind of stands with which The car can turn 360 degree in the same place.When the driver want to he will press a button the stand will come down which is situated b...

1402 1 2
Ciencia & Tecnología

Automatic head light adjustment in vehicles...

Now a days everyone is using a high illuinating lights in vehicles. This cause a serious damage to the opposing vehiclers, some times they even go blind for few seconds and they cannot see the upco...

2627 4 18
Politica y Sociedad

Make your paper beautifull

 From the beginning, we are using pen only for one purpose.  I have tried to make more useful than ordinary pen.  This can enhance the presentation of your written document.  As you see, today eve...

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    j.gift is my name!
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    You really want to know who i am, Kindly
    contact me back directly to my email!
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    yours new friend. Gift

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    Veo que eres de los usuarios más activos. Yo hace poco que estoy en esto. Si te gusta mi idea por favor vótame. Salu2


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    Encantado de seguirte!

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