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Ciencia & Tecnología

Built on mayne kuch naya khoj kia hai

I Invention new formula & theory 1.Speed of mind2.classification of emotion3.timemacine theoryand many,i have think a 100page book matar in 1minitus,i read every mans emotionLable.I Need a platfrom...

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Politica y Sociedad

General Election-voting should be allowed thru' e-mail & SMS.

World has1500 million population of adults. Ideally each must go & vote for his govt.They spend Apx IRs. 30000 million on transport/petrol for going to polling booth.Also their vocation/business su...

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Politica y Sociedad

How to stop corruption in govt.

This is very easy.If my ideas are implemented, people 'll forget , which bird's name was corruption.But most of the ministers 'll not implement these as they are interested in keeping corruption go...

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Ban Private Cars...Ban more kids...

Everybody knows what burning of petrol is doing to global warming. Moreover petrol is not unlimited. It is going to last sooner than later.Global warming is melting himalayas.Peaks are reducing eve...


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Politica y Sociedad

Job of ONE-DAY is done in ONE-YEAR in INDIAN-COURTS.

I know,One lady who was harrased by her husband wanted a protection order from an Indian court. She knew that with little pressure of court her husband'll behave. So instead of complaining to polic...



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  • kgs

    Welcome 2 ideas4all India forum, wish you a very happy sharing and browsing of ideas.

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