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Parental Control for Cell Phones

My idea is an extra that automobile manufacturers could offer as an extra on new vehicles.  It is a special "holder" for a cell phone, added to the dash or in the dash of the car.  It would automat...

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Google Helps the Environment

This is an idea for Google Maps that would help save fuel, cut down on pollution, save the user money, and save the user of Google Maps a lot of time and frustration.  Think about it...how many peo...

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Electronic Help With Your Shopping and Budget

A device I would like to see on the market is an electronic device that would be a great help on shopping trips.  There are probably such things on the market already, but this one might have some ...

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Storing earrings

Many people have a huge collection of earrings.  I am one of them.  One problem with this is of storing them all.  I have many jewelry boxes, but they take up a lot of space and it is hard to remem...


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Accessories for mobile homes

It is difficult to find stoppers that fit the sinks in mobile homes in many cities. It is also hard to find a store that sells curtains that fit windows in mobile homes.  It would be nice if stores...



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