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Negocios y Consumo

Global Average Standard

This is an Idea to address a specific issue concerning the viability of a Digital Currency as a legitimate currency, in Particular, the problem of ascribing a more broadly recognised, measurable va...

473 1 1
Deportes y entretenimiento

A Peel Of Bells

Here's an Idea for a new musical instrument.(Well, a new approach to one of the oldest instruments).I saw a programme featuring hand bell - ringing (Campanology) recently, and an idea popped in my ...

446 1 1
Ciencia & Tecnología

Punch - Through Tablet Computer Keyboard

The Problem With Tablet KeyboardsMany people now have a tablet computer... either an ipad or some other such device who's principle user interface is a touch-screen, or touch pad.However, in recogn...

398 0 1
Politica y Sociedad

A Simple Trick To Relieve An Aching Wrist When Writing

For most of us, the act of writing for any extended period of time can cause the wrist to ache, necessitating periodic breaks to wriggle the wrist and loosen it up again before proceeding...… This ...


1445 0
Ciencia & Tecnología

The Oil Age?

Just something to muse over......Those who know a little about history will know that human history is chronologically subdivided by historians into ages with names which signify the level of techn...

1861 1
Deportes y entretenimiento

Booing of National Anthems

With the World Cup imminent, it reminds me of one of the things I dislike the most about football....A nations fans booing the National Anthem of another country.It happens among my fellow English ...

2074 1

Can Earthworms be used to detect earthquakes?

I have become interested in earthworms recently, but I cannot find out anything about how they behave in an earhtquake situation... Isuppose it is hard to track them under the earth, as they can't ...

1428 0
Ciencia & Tecnología

Destroying Large Earth Bound objects with Nuclear Devices

It is a common perception that if an Asteroid or Comet which posed a threat to Earth was heading this way, one possible solution would be to destroy it with a Nuclear weapon.My question though, is ...



1709 1 7

Cheap Trick: 2 Secret Ways to Clear Clogged Drains

Forget everything you know about clearing clogged sink and tub drains. Throw away your snakes, plungers, and drain cleaners. There are only two things you need to know about clearing clogs, and nei...

9404 3 24

Jardines verticales en todas las paredes descubiertas de los edificios.

POR FAVOR NO PUNTUAR IDEA.¿Quién ha dicho que en las ciudades no hay espacio para jardines?Este jardín vertical se lo debemos al botánico francés Patrick Blanc, me parece una de las ideas urbanísti...

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  • rachael
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    Hola como estas soy Rachael por su nombre, mi querido amigo yo quiero ser tu amigo por favor, póngase en contacto conmigo tengo algo que decirle sobre, aquí está mi dirección de correo electrónico,,____________________

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  • seo_services
    24 de septiembre 12:51

    Interesting tablet keyboard idea. Let’s go for it!

  • sideeffect11
    21 de agosto 06:14

    Great ideas!

  • janicerand
    14 de enero 18:31

    :D Happy new creative year!

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