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Vida & Salud


Those who cultivate the habit of being jealous on others will end up in despair.

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Arte & Cultura


There are two types of dreamers. Get dream and forget belong to one category. Get dream and struggle hard to make the dream as a reality belong to another category.

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Negocios y Consumo


Failure cannot be a treated as disaster. On the contrary, it will show a path towards success provided you have will to work.

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Politica y Sociedad


 Cultivating the habit of hatredness and enimity is nothing but inviting punishment.


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Good/Bad Ideas

Most of my ideas published in your website rated as bad. I don't know the basis of judging the idea. For instance a particular ideas is good for me and may be bad for you. I am confronted with the ...

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How to proceed?

I am planning to write a short story. Here there are five characters. Among them three are friends, one young lady and her father. All these friends are working in a firm run by her father. One guy...

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Dream and Wakeup

Genius people say 'the best way to make your dreams come true is to wakeup.'If a person is getting sweet dream and try to wake him up will only result in getting incomplete dream and  he will be na...

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Teacher & Student

People say teacher's job  is both noble and respectable. If a teacher senselessly punish a student for a small mistake, do you think it is proper?



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  • sweet3corn
    21 de enero 18:13

    fight and win

  • thinkman
    15 de noviembre 16:56

    In my view there are two types of thinking. One is for constructive purpose and another is for destructive purpose. To achieve the goal everybody has to adopt think either ways. Some persons achieve by adopting fair means and some others by foul means. But I always think in constructive way. I don't mind if I fail to reach the goal. For me method is most important rather than achieving the goal.

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