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Ciencia & Tecnología

self developing technology

 till now we created many new gadgets....... guess if they build by their own with its a tree, if the technology grows by itself as a new spices.that artifical intelligence must ...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Helmet mounted with bluetooth

 Think that ur in the middle of the traffic suddenly u got a call which u must attend that call,suddenly u have to move too.. u cannot lift ur mobile and talk in the middle so, its better to have a...

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Ciencia & Tecnología

Our home security in our hands

 I am using latest mobile technology(android) to this project.AIM of this project is to provide security to our houseKeep a secrete camera in our home which will capture the video and send to inter...

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Diminishing Environmental Pollution by cellular

we are using our mobiles to just our own purpose but now we can use it to reduce pollution..confused.....!mobile is the major source of communication in day to day life.- create a toll free number ...




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  • maheshrishi
    19 de enero 14:20

    An idea is a thinking, which comes out of our need and which we have faced it

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